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Recessed Connector Panel

The connector panel, shown above, is thoughtfully recessed into the body of the camera for protection and provides access for all external connections. The two threaded holes on the back of the body are used to attach an optional cable restraint system to support the electrical connections as well as the recirculation hoses for the liquid heat exchanger.

Optional Liquid Cooling

All 500 Series cameras allow the attachment of a liquid heat exchanger to increase cooling in warmer environments. Allowing the removal of the heat exchanger when assisted cooling is not necessary keeps the depth and weight of the camera to a minimum.

Slim Internal Color Filter Wheel

The 500 Series internal color filter wheel accepts up to 5 interchangeable 1.25" filters. Shown above is the standard LRGB color filter set in a 516ws camera. The filter wheel only adds 1/2" to the camera depth and backfocus.

Tight Spaces Aren't a Problem

Pictured above is a fully configured 532ws camera with add-on liquid heat exchanger. Even when attached with a 'generously' long 2" eyepiece adapter, it still passes cleanly through the forks of a popular Schmidt Cassegrain telescope.

Forced Air Cooling

The heatsink cooling fins are an integral part of the camera body and the configurable, intelligent cooling fans are recessed into the surface. This keeps the entire cooling system within the smooth envelope of the camera and eliminates protruding structures that can tangle cables or catch on the camera's surroundings.

Body Configurations

A defining feature of the 500 Series is the flexible design that permits three progressively configured body styles with a minimal impact on overall size. The three body configurations, Slim, Medium, and Full, are compared in the image above. The Slim  body is the thinnest version and can be used with CCDs incorporating an electronic shutter. The Medium body provides addition space for an internal mechanical shutter. The Full body allows the installation of both the shutter and the five position filter wheel.

When Size Matters

The compact size and short backfocus can be a real asset when your optical train gets long and complicated. The light weight, slim design significantly reduces the camera moment-arm resulting in less strain on the intervening components and greater overall stability.

Extended Life CCD Environmental Chamber

Located under the camera name plate is a user-rechargeable microsieve desiccant employed to scavenge any water molecules that enter the hermetically sealed CCD chamber. It is isolated from the CCD by a sub-micron, permeable membrane. The desiccant can greatly extend the interval between chamber re-purging and, depending on your requirements, eliminate it all together.

Attachment Flexibility

The versatile design of the 500 Series cameras allows a range of attachment options. Interchangeable T and C mount adapters are available for all cameras. Pictured above is an adapter for a standard 35mm camera lens. Other custom adapters and configurations are easily accommodated by direct attachment to the front of the camera body.

Internal Mechanical Shutter

The 500 Series long-life internal shutter subsystem is designed for flexibility. The thin shutter actually carries the control electronics for the shutter and filter wheel embedded in its mounting plate, minimizing the thickness of the entire assembly. Adding a filter wheel only adds 1/2" to the overall camera depth.  


Due to their exceptional imaging performance, compact size and light weight, the QSI 500 Series cameras are well suited for microscopy and biological sciences applications. Illustrated above is a 520ci mounted atop a stereo microscope via the available C-Mount adapter.

CAD-CAM and CNC Manufacturing

Engineered with extensive use of sophisticated CAD-CAM design tools, the 500 Series is CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum alloy. The image above is a close-up of a production run of camera bodies ready for final quality control inspection before anodizing.

Integrated Guider Port

The QSI 500 Series "wsg" models solve the problems with other guiding solutions by integrating a Guider Port directly into the camera body with the pick-off prism positioned in front of the integrated color filter wheel - right where it belongs.

600 Series 8-position Color Filter Wheel

QSI 600 Series cameras area available with an internal 5 or 8-position Color Filter Wheel. The 8-position CFW is shown above on a QSI 683. WS and WSG covers are available with the larger filter wheel. The size of the cameras is still remarkably small even with the 8-position filter wheel, which adds less than 1.5" to the height and width. Back focus is idential to the standard 5-position CFW models ensuring that only one set of adapters are needed when switching between 5 and 8-position models.

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