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  • 2.0 mp Kodak KAI-04022 sensor
  • Very fast electronic shutter
  • Available mechanical shutter
  • Available 5-position color filter wheel (CFW)
  • Available Integrated Guider Port (IGP)


QSI 520i

QSI 520i
Electronic Shutter
Slim Body

 Starting at $3,495.00
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QSI 520s
Mechanical Shutter
Mid-size Body

 Starting at $3,595.00
     Configure Camera

QSI 520i

QSI 520ws
Mechanical Shutter & CFW
Full-size Body

 Starting at $3,890.00
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QSI 520wsg
Shutter, CFW & Guider Port (IGP)
WSG body

 Starting at $4,290.00
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