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Now available with 5 or 8-position Color Filter Wheel

Award-Winning QSI 583–
QSI image quality
now with a larger, 8.3mp sensor.
5 or 8-position Color Filter Wheel!
Save hundreds using 1.25" filters!

QSI 583 Scientific
Cooled CCD Camera

Exceptional Value

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QSI 583 8.3mp Cooled CCD Camera Highlights

The QSI 583 sets a new benchmark for price performance in a scientific camera utilizing the 8.3mp Kodak full-frame KAF-8300 CCD image sensor with microlens technology. The high quantum efficiency, wide dynamic range and low noise performance make the 583 ideally suited to a broad range of demanding astronomical, scientific and industrial imaging applications.

"The QSI 583 is built like a Swiss watch ... beautifully engineered mechanically and electronically. Innovations like putting the filter wheel close to the imaging chip so smaller filters can be used, and building an off axis guider into the camera body, are additional benefits that make using this camera a pleasure. It is ideal for short and medium focal length telescopes and lenses"
- Tony Hallas

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QSI Image Quality

IC 1805 Heart NebulaThe QSI 583 scientific camera was designed from the ground up to attain the highest possible imaging performance. Sophisticated mixed-signal design practices are utilized throughout the camera. This permits a very compact design while eliminating interference from conducted and radiated noise. All QSI cameras exhibit high sensitivity, the lowest possible noise, a linear response to light and precisely regulated cooling.

All significant performance characteristics, including Linearity, Read Noise, and Photon Transfer (Gain), are tested and confirmed during manufacture. QSI's exclusive ResearchSpec® profiling ensures optimal performance in every camera. Read more about the benefits of true scientific image quality>>
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Unbeatable Value

The QSI 583 is an unbeatable value in a high performance scientific camera. Compare the total cost including color filter wheel, filters and possibly an external off-axis guider required by competing cameras against the thoughtfully integrated 583ws and 583wsg. The close positioning of the internal filter wheel allows you to use standard, low cost 1.25" filters with most optical systems. This can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over competing cameras that require 36mm or 48mm filters. Coupled with the highest possible image quality, shortest back focus, unmatched build quality and exceptional customer service, we think you'll agree that the QSI 583 offers unmatched value.

I can honestly say that this is the best CCD camera I’ve ever used.
- Nik Szymanek, Astronomy Now magazine

Integrated Filter Wheel provides unvignetted images with 1.25" filtersKAF-8300 1.25" Filter wheel\

The 500 series sets a new benchmark for compact design in a high performance, full-featured scientific CCD camera. Because the optional internal 5 or 8-position color filter wheel is positioned so close to the focal plane, the QSI 583 can utilize standard 1.25" color filters, dramatically reducing the total cost of the imaging system. Optional low cost 31mm filters allow unvignetted images to f/3. Even at f/2 with a Hyperstar the small amount of vignetting in the corners is easily corrected with a flat field.

583wsg with innovative Integrated Guider Port


The ultimate guiding solution. The QSI 583wsg is available with an Integrated Guider Port (IGP) allowing you to guide using the light from your main telescope while picking off the light from the guide star in front of the filters. This eliminates mechanical flexure issues and the problems associated with using a guide sensor behind the filter wheel. This last benefit is particularly important for narrowband imagers. The QSI WSG cover was awarded a "Hot Product for 2009" by Sky & Telescope Magazine.

Learn more about the available Integrated Guider Port>>

Fast 2-second subframe mode for quick, easy focusing

The 583 can download a small subframe anywhere on the sensor in about 2 seconds. This makes focusing fast and easy, whether focusing manually or with an automatic focusing routine.

Compact design yields the shortest back focus

QSI 500 Series Profile

The 500 Series achieves its compact size and unique configuration flexibility through an innovative shutter/filter subsystem. Integrating the even-illumination mechanical shutter and color filter wheel into the camera keeps back focus to an absolute minimum. The compact design also reduces vignetting with fast optical systems and allows the use of Canon or Nikon lenses with the internal color filter wheel. Note in the image above how the Motion Control Board is embedded in the Shutter Carrier to further reduce back focus.

Complete back focus specifications can be downloaded from the Documentation page>>

And Much More...

The QSI 583 offers many more benefits for astronomers and researchers, starting with exceptional build quality and unmatched customer service. Consider these additional benefits:

  • Exceptional build qualityQSI 583 w/CD-ROM
  • Precisely regulated cooling
  • Extremely power efficient - Powered by 12V DC
  • Even-illumination mechanical shutter with minimum exposure time of 30ms
  • Compatible with Canon and Nikon lenses
  • WSG compatible with SX Adaptive Optics system
  • All QSI 500 Series camera include a custom-fit Pelican™ case
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Robust, professional 32 and 64-bit drivers for Windows®, Macintosh and Linux
  • ASCOM and LabVIEW compatible Application Programming Interface (API)

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