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Go Deep!
New Views of Familiar Objects

Centaurus A - Olsen

Check out this remarkable image of galaxy NGC 5128. Rolf Olsen collected 120 hours (!) of total exposure with his QSI 683wsg from his observatory near Auckland, New Zealand. Be sure to look around the larger versions linked below. The detail and depth is truly amazing. Visit his web site for additional details about how he acquired and processed the image.

View a Larger version (1600 x 1197)>>
Get Full Details on Rolf Olsens Web site>>

NGC 6888 Crescent - Szymanek King

Nik Szymanek and Ian King collaborated to capture this amazing view of the Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888) with their QSI 583. The image consists of a total of 53.5 hours of exposure time, 52 hours through Astrodon Ha, SII and OIII filters, plus another 1.5 hours of RGB data to capture the star color. The image was assembled with Bob Franke's Selective Color Technique.

View a Larger version on Ian King's web site>>


Reveal Hidden Details in Your Images

July 4th Independence DayLow light imaging requires special techniques to bring out the faintest details which may be at or even below the noise floor of the sensor and camera. 

Whether you’re an astronomer imaging faint nebulae or a life science researcher doing low light fluorescent imaging, chemiluminescence or spectroscopy, many of the issues remain the same.

Reveal Hidden Details in Your Images>>

Follow the link above to the newest article in the QSI blog, Capturing Light.


QSI Premier Dealers

QSI Premier DealerWe wish to congratulate the first four QSI dealers to qualify for QSI's Premier Dealer Program.

Oceanside Photo & Telescope Ian King Imaging
Bintel Sanki Kogakukan

All QSI dealers are experienced with CCD imaging and can help you make the best choice to meet your imaging goals. You can also count on them to provide strong customer service long after the sale has been completed.

QSI Premier Dealers have demonstrated a deep understanding of QSI cameras and application expertise, and often have popular QSI cameras models in stock for immediate delivery.

See the complete list of QSI Dealers>>


Join QSI in the Virtual Star Party

Virtual Star Party

Frasier Cain, the publisher of Universe Today, and Scott Lewis, the "Bald Astronomer" host a weekly Virtual Star Party on Google Hangouts every Sunday at 9pm Pacific Time.

Several QSI camera owners are regular presenters of live images during the Virtual Star Party. This Sunday, August 4 at 9pm PDT, Kevin Nelson, co-founder of QSI, will be a guest at the VSP to join in the discussion and perhaps talk a little about cameras.

We look forward to seeing you online. It should be fun and interesting. Learn more and sign up here:

Join the Virtual Star Party>>


QSI Images in Sky & Telescope

Saimese Galaxies - WaddingtonCongratulations to QSI owners Bruce Waddington and Rolf Olsen who had their images selected to appear in the September 2013 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine.

Rolf Olsen's deep image of Centaurus A was discussed above. Bruce Waddington's image of NGC 4567/4568, a pair of colliding galaxies in the Virgo cluster, was captured with his QSI 640 and a Planewave 12.5 at f/8.

Get Full Details on Bruce Waddington's Web site>>

Total exposure time of this LRGB image was 5.8 hours, 170 minutes of luminance, and 70, 60 and 50 minutes respectively through red, green and blue filters. Click on the image above right to see the full view and go hunting for all the background galaxies.


Get Your Images Published!

Do you have an image that you're particularly proud of? Perhaps shows an unusual object, or a familiar object in a new way? Or have you just taken a particularly timely image, such as a comet, meteor or rocket launch? Are you interested in sharing your image with the world?

It's easier than you think to submit your images to major publications and Internet sites. Follow the link below for details on how to submit your images for consideration as a NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) and for Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines galleries.

Get your images published>>

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