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OEM Applications

OEM Applications

QSI offers custom configurations of 500 and 600 Series cameras and fully custom camera designs for specific OEM applications and requirements.  The small size, flexible mounting options, and low 12VDC power requirements makes it easy to integrate QSI cameras into medical imaging devices, lab equipment, and remote sensing applications. 

OEM camera for medical device manufacturer


QQSI 500/600 Series Features

    • Full-frame and interline transfer sensors up to 8.3mp
    • Exceptionally low noise with Gaussian distribution and no structure
    • Wide dynamic range
    • High sensitivity from UV to NIR
    • Linear response
    • Symmetrical and asymetrical binning
    • Dual-stage TEC cooling
      precisely regulated to < 0.1°C
    • Compact case
    • Minimal backfocus
    • 16-bit output, USB 2.0
    • Available internal Color Filter Wheel
    • Available Integrated Guider Port>>
    • Broad software support>>

QSI 600 Series adds the following features

    • Dual read rates up to 8MHz for
      high-speed applications
    • High-speed USB 2.0
    • Increased cooling to >45C
    • Available 8-postion Color Filter Wheel


    Drivers for popular image acquisition applications, including MATLAB® and LabVIEW™ are available. Custom applications and drivers can be written using our COM-compliant Windows API or Linux API. QSI offers standard and OEM configurations that can be customized to suit your specific needs. Please contact QSI for additional details and to discuss your requirements>>

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