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QSI cameras - World-class Imaging Performance... Designed in the USA

QSI offers multiple camera lines with features designed for a wide variety of scientific applications. The table below summarizes the major features of the camera families.

Which QSI camera is right for your application?

  600 Series RS Series
High Quality Read Mode for images with the highest dynamic range Yes Yes
USB 2.0, full 16-bit output Yes Yes
Selectable ROI and binning Yes Yes
Output hardware trigger for firing a strobe or other external event Yes Yes
Available internal color filter wheel Yes Yes
Maximum Regulated Cooling
(below ambient)
-45C -45C
High Speed Read Mode Yes Yes
Fused Silica Window
Input Shutter Trigger
for precise exposure timing
UV Configurations available   Yes

QSI 683wsg and 683wsg-8 8.3mp cooled CCD camera

600 Series
  Cooled CCD Cameras
  with Dual Speed Readout

Sharing the award-winning mechanical design of the QSI 500 Series, the QSI 600 Series is designed to deliver exceptionally low noise 16-bit images. Dual read rates up to 8 MHz support applications that require frame rates up to several frames per second.

The QSI 600 Series has seven different models employing a comprehensive range of monochrome and single-shot color scientific grade CCDs up to 9.2mp. Options include internal 5 or 8-position color filter wheels plus Canon EOS or Nikon F-mount lens adapters.

600 Series Details>>


QSI 683wsg and 683wsg-8 8.3mp cooled CCD camera

RS Series
  Deep Cooled
  Scientific CCD Cameras

Designed for demanding life science and research applications, the QSI RS Series delivers world-class imaging performance and capabilties.

Dual read rates of up to 8 MHz with high-speed USB 2.0, deep cooling to >45C below ambient and full 16-bit output allow QSI RS Series cameras to produce high quality images with high frame rates, extremely wide dynamic range, excellent linearity and exceptionally low noise. Multi-AR-coated fused silica windows support applications from UV to NIR (240nm - 1100nm) wavelengths

Electronic input and output triggers with latency as low as 5µsec allow precise exposure timing and triggering of external events such as strobes. Supports PIV exposure mode.

RS Series Details>>

  • Unsurpassed image quality>>
  • Designed in the USA>>
  • AR-coated fused silica window
  • Configurations available for UV to NIR applications from 240nm to 1100nm
  • Selectable ROI and binning
  • Input and output triggers
  • PIV Exposure Mode
  • Windows & Linux API


Features Description (see product pages for complete details)

High Quality Read Mode - High Quality (HQ) Read Mode provides the lowest possible noise but requires a longer time to read the image from the sensor.

USB 2.0, full 16-bit output - Pixel depth is a full 16-bits per pixel providing the smoothest color and gray scale transitions and the lowest noise.

Selectable ROI and binning - All QSI cameras have selectable Region of Interest (ROI) and binning for the most flexibility in framing your subject.

Output Hardware Trigger - All QSI cameras can output a hardware signal out of the Control Port to trigger an external event such as a strobe. (See Input Shutter Trigger below)

Available internal color filter wheel - All QSI 600 and RS Series cameras can be configured with an internal 5 or 8-position color filter wheel.

High Speed Read Mode - High speed (HS) Read Mode reads the image from the sensor at 8 million pixels per second (8 MHz) supporting frame rates of up 15 fps depending on the camera model, ROI and binning.

16-bit Output, Selectable ROI - All QSI cameras have full 16-bit output with a dynamic range up db. See specifications for each camera model for complete details.

Regulated Cooling - All QSI cameras provide regulated cooling to within 0.1C of the specified set point. Cooling the sensor reduces the accumulation of thermal current providing images with less noise and a higher Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).

Multi-AR-coated Fused Silica Window - Fused Silica windows on the RS Series provide the maximum transmission of light to the sensor.

Input Shutter Trigger - RS Series cameras support a hardware input trigger allowing for the synchronizing of an exposure with an external event with latency as low as 5µsec.

UV Option - RS Series Series cameras can be configured for ultraviolet (UV) applications to record light with wavelengths down to 240nm.



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