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QSI provides extensive information about the QSI 500 Series cameras through online product manuals and a searchable Knowledge Base.

Top 10 Questions

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  1. What is the back focus of QSI 500/600 Series cameras?
  2. What adapters are available to achieve the correct back focus for my specific optics?
  3. What are the power requirements for QSI cameras?
  4. How fast can an image be downloaded?
  5. What are the minimum and maximum shutter speeds?
  6. What guide cameras can be used with a 500/600 Series WSG model?
  7. What temperature should I cool my sensor to?
  8. Is water-assisted cooling available?
  9. What "gain" setting should I use?
  10. What options are available for Ultraviolet (UV) applications?

Knowledge Base

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Quantum Scientific Imaging Knowledge Base:

QSI Discussion Group on Yahoo! Groups

Other QSI cameras owners are often an excellent source of information about the operation of QSI cameras. There is a user-hosted discussion forum on the Yahoo! Group, QSI-ccd. Note that QSI-ccd requires registration and is not an official support forum for QSI cameras, although QSI personnel do monitor and participate in the group. If you have a specific support question that is not answered in our Knowledge Base, please contact QSI technical support.

Open the QSI discussion forum, QSI-ccd>> (opens in another window)


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