An Upgrade to Sequence Generator Pro

By Jonnie Butcher on

We are pleased to announce that one of our software partners, Sequence Generator Pro (SGP), is producing an upgrade to its software – SGP4. The great news for QSI users is that all users of a QSI camera can upgrade to the QSI specific version of SGP4 at no cost.

Additionally, QSI users that wish to use the SGP license on devices aside from QSI cameras are entitled to a $50 discount on the initial $149 cost of the license. This means that QSI users can purchase the complete SGP4 subscription for an initial cost of $99 and subsequent annual subscription fees of $59 per year.

Sequence Generator Pro is automation software for astrophotography that provides complete support for our camera line due to the QSI specific license that comes free with the camera – the access code is in the box that your camera was packaged in.

With the use of SGP you can optimise your astrophotography session through its key features. One such feature is the ability to plan complex mosaics in minutes by downloading the image of your intended target, rotating to find the perfect angle, drawing a square around the area of interest and begin imaging. Additionally, the powerful auto focus of the software diminishes the frustration of conditions such as fast temperature drops as it allows you to stay in focus. Furthermore, lengthy times spent calibrating can be a thing of the past due to the SGP’s calibration wizard that can automatically determine the best exposure length.

To download your QSI specific license, please visit the Sequence Generator Pro website and have your access code ready. If you do not have your access code please contact us.