Enjoy 10% off the QSI-6162

By Jonnie Butcher on

Missing the trade shows? So are we!

We want to make sure you don’t miss out on this years trade show discounts, so we’re offering the QSI-6162 with an incredible 10% off. Here’s what you could save

Model Usual RRP (excl.tax) New RRP (excl.tax) Saving
QSI -6162 WS €6,215 €5,593 €622
QSI-6162 WSG €6,425 €5,782 €643
QSI-6162 WS8 €6,380 €5,742 €638
QSI-6162 WSG8 €6,545 €5,890 €655

(for US pricing, either contact your local dealer, or get in touch with us through our contact page)


The QSI-6162 houses the mighty KAF-16200, 16 megapixel, full frame CCD image sensor with microlens technology that has been specifically produced for astrophotography. Couple that with QSIs integrated design and low-noise electronics, and you have a camera that will consistently produce the best data.


Head over to the QSI-6162 product page for full details


Here’s a small taster of the widefield views possible with the QSI-6162