Make room for the 6162

By Lewis Brown on

The flagship QSI range, the 600 Series, has grown further with the launch of the large format QSI 6162, following its announcement earlier this year. The larger case accommodates the 16MP sensor and 2” filters. As befitting of the 600 Series, the 6162 is a camera of superb imaging performance that is incorporated into a truly refined design that also produces outstanding power efficiency.

Exploring the 6162

As is synonymous with the 600 Series, the 6162 employs a high performance CCD sensor, in this instance it is a KAF-16200, 16 megapixel, full frame CCD image sensor that is complete with microlens technology that has been specifically produced for astrophotographers.

The focus on ensuring that this camera is highly optimized for astrophotographers is shown in many of the camera’s other headline specifications such as a photoactive array of 4490Wx3599H pixels, low dark current of 8e-, and a 40,000e- well depth. Additionally, the 6162 is a versatile camera for astrophotography applications as the 6um sized pixels provide extremely high resolution at long focal lengths and superb wide field images at short focal lengths. Further options for the 6162 include an off axis guider and a choice of a 5 or 8 position filter wheel, for the complete astrophotography solution.

As with all QSI cameras, the 6162 sits at the leading edge of technical performance. This is exemplified by two modes, the first of which is high quality mode. This mode provides the highest possible signal to noise ratio for applications that require the lowest noise and widest possible dynamic range, resulting in more detail being captured when imaging in this mode.

The other mode that highlights the leading edge capability of the QSI 6162 is high speed mode. This mode has a read rate of 8MHz and provides high speed reads at multiple frames per second using ROI.

Earlier this year some test imaging was carried out with the QSI 6162, with the below image of the Veil nebula (NGC 6992) being captured using (Ha,O3, S2) filters a personal favorite of mine.

It is also the case that due to the ON Semiconductor decision to discontinue their entire range of CCD sensors, this is the last camera in the QSI range to be produced with a brand new Kodak-KAF CCD sensor and the exceptional levels of quality that they provide. QSI have already committed to supporting our cameras with these sensors for years to come so longevity is assured despite the decision of ON Semiconductor.

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