NEW 10% off QSI-683 offer

By Jonnie Butcher on

As promised, here is the second amazing offer of the year. Enjoy 10% off the QSI 683 until the end of October 2020, and save up to €373. Here’s the breakdown:

Model Usual RRP ( New RRP ( Saving
QSI -683 s €3,040 €2,736 €304
QSI-683 ws €3,400 €3,060 €340
QSI-683 wsg €3,610 €3,249 €361
QSI-683 ws8 €3,565 €3,208 €357
QSI-683 wsg8 €3,730 €3,357 €373

For US pricing, either contact your local dealer, or get in touch with us through our contact page.
For detailed technical specification of the QSI-683, head over to the product page.

Inside the QSI-683 is the 8.3 megapixel, KAF-863 full frame CCD sensor, for an amazing field of view. Teamed with QSI’s class leading, low-noise electronics and compact integrated design, the QSI-683 will deliver incredible results. Don’t take our word for it, check out the the beautiful images captured with the QSI-683 below.

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