Repairs & Returns

QSI CCD Camera Repairs & Returns

For information about repairs and returns, please use the form on our contact page. If after contacting us, we advise you to send your camera to us, please follow the instructions below.

Package and Ship Your QSI Camera

The best way to ship your QSI camera is inside the original carrying case and shipping box that you received with your QSI camera. The case provides the best possible protection during shipping. If you prefer to send just your camera body, please follow the packing instructions below.

Note: It is best to remove filters from your filter wheel before shipping and keep them in a clean, safe place. Any other accessories, such as the AC Adapter, nosepiece, cables, etc. should all be removed from the case before shipping to save weight and eliminate any chance of damage in transit.

1. Do the paperwork
Our support team will advise you about any necessary paperwork required when shipping your camera to us. For warranty repairs and returns, be sure to include a photocopy of your original receipt

2. Get the right box
If you’re shipping a QSI camera in its Pelican case and original shipping box, skip to #5.
Start with a good, sturdy box large enough to hold the camera and sufficient packing material to protect the camera during shipment. The box should be at least 3.0 inches/7.5 cm larger on every side than your camera.

3. Wrap it up
Put the camera into a sealed plastic bag (e.g. Ziploc). Wrap the camera and plastic bag in two to three layers of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is available at most office suppy stores or shipping locations. A padded shipping envelope or a second sealed box filled with packing material can provide similar protection if bubble wrap is not available.The “box within a box” method, with a second layer of packing material around the inside box, offers excellent protection when shipping fragile equipment.

4. Pack it right
Put two inches of styrofoam peanuts or other simlar packing material (also available at most large office supply stores) in the bottom of the box. Place the bubble-wrapped camera in the center of the box. Fill the rest of the box with styrofoam peanuts. There should be at least two inches of styrofoam peanuts on all sides of bubble-wrapped camera. Fill the box completely with packing material so that the contents don’t move when the box is shaken vigorously.

5. Tape it securely
Be sure to include the completed RMA form before sealing the box. The flaps on both the top and bottom of your shipping box should be secured with a minimum of three strips of sturdy package sealing tape.

6. Label it clearly
Tape a large address label to the top of the box with the shipping address and your return address written clearly. The RMA number must appear on the outside of the box or the package will be returned unopened. A label created on a computer is more easily read by shippers and delivery people than a hand-written label.

7. Insure its safety
Packages do get lost or damaged during shipping. QSI strongly recommends you insure your camera for its full replacement value. QSI is only responsible for the safety and well being of your camera while it is in our possession. You are responsible for getting it to us in proper condition.

8. Ship it using a reliable carrier
We will return your camera to you via UPS. We recommend you ship your camera to us via UPS or FedEx because of their proven reliability and easy, web-based package tracking. If you ship your camera to us via the US Postal Service, we suggest you add delivery confirmation.

Packing Checklist

Any paperwork requested by our support team.

Photocopy of original sales receipt if requesting service under warranty or returning your camera.

Camera in its original carrying case and shipping box or packaged as described above.

Ship the camera to:
Quantum Scientific Imaging, Inc.
Repairs: RMA# xxxxxxx
Unit 8 Lodge Farm Barns
New Road, Norwich, NR9 3LZ
+44 (0) 1603 740397

After the package has been shipped, send a message to QSI Support with the shipment tracking# so we know it’s on its way.