QSI 6162

The QSI-6162 model camera model employs a KAF-16200, 16 megapixel, full frame CCD image sensor with microlens technology that has been specifically produced for astrophotography. The 6-micron pixel size make this camera the ideal imaging partner for a wide range of focal length telescopes. The ability to ‘bin’ the CCD means the QSI-6162 is suitable for focal lengths right up to 2.5m and still stay around 1 arc second per pixel (recommended for successful imaging). The large APS-H 16mp CCD sensor with a 35mm diagonal works happily using 2” mounted or 50.8 mm unmounted filters on scopes as fast as f/2.8 with minimal vignetting. The camera is available with or without an Off-Axis Guider and the choice of a five or eight position filter wheel.

The ‘ws’ model comes with a shutter and filter wheel installed. The ‘wsg’ model is supplied with the Off-Axis Guider, Integrated Guider Port (IGP).

The 6162 camera system is supported by industry leading image acquisition software plus a full camera control API is available for creating custom Windows or Linux applications.

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