Scientific Grade CCD cameras
For Demanding Imaging Applications

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QSI cooled CCD cameras are designed to produce high quality images with extremely wide dynamic range, excellent linearity and exceptionally low noise.


Design and manufacture world-class scientific cameras for applications that require superior imaging performance such as astronomical, life science, research and industrial imaging.

offer exceptionally well integrated technology for ease of use as well as minimal backfocus.

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QSI Reviews

“No CCD sensor in recent memory has generated as much excitement as the 8.3mp Kodak KAF-8300 with tiny 5.4 micron pixels. All the major manufacturers of astronomical CCD cameras offer models with this detector, but those from Quantum Scientific Imaging caught our eye, because the built-in filter wheel is so close to the sensor that it works with standard 1 1/4″ filters. This can save hundreds of dollars compared to cameras that use external filter wheels and, by necessity, larger filters.”