QE measurement for the NEW QSI 700 Series

As part of the testing, as the new cameras are readied for production, we have measured the quantum efficiency (QE) of the 760 camera using a NIST traceable calibrated photometer. QE is a measure of the sensitivity of a camera. The results show the camera to compare very favourably with other IMX455-based cameras.

A NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable calibrated photometer uses a broadband light source and ultra narrowband, bandpass filters. Measurements were done every 50nm from 300 up to 1000nm. By projecting a known amount of light and measuring the number of ADUs at a known gain setting we can convert that to a number of electrons at measured wavelengths. Unlike cross-calibrating the sensor manufacturer curve with a one-point measurement, using this technique takes under consideration any losses from the chamber window or sensor window and provides the true Detection QE of the camera.

The IMX455 sensor used in the QSI760 features several cutting-edge technologies to give extremely high QE figures.  The camera seals this sensor in an argon chamber with a dew-resistant optical window, allowing the maximum number of photons to reach the sensor.  A premium high-transmission quartz glass window is used with AR coatings matching the sensitivity range of the IMX455.

To find out more about our new 700 Series cameras, click here: https://qsimaging.com/products/700-series/