New QSI 700 Series Camera

The new QSI 700 series cameras are set to hit the market, boasting impressive specifications.

These cameras deliver high-quality imaging, equipped with the exceptional 61MP (IMX455) and 26MP (IMX571) sensors.

Check out our brochure:    QSI Brochure 700 Series

A key feature is the mechanically indexed filter wheels, which are available in either 5 or 7 position options and enhance the versatility for various imaging needs. Also appealing is that these cameras are affordable for amateur astronomers, yet they don’t compromise on the renowned QSI quality.

Production is slated to begin in March, though it’s worth noting that the initial batch may be limited in quantity. For those eager to get their hands on one, sending an expression of interest via email is the way to go. By doing so, you’ll be placed at the front of the line to acquire these innovative cameras.

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We look forward to seeing the images our camera users create as you join us on our new journey at QSI.