QSI 760 – Internal Review by Rui Tripa

While we’re waiting on external reviews for our newest camera, Production Director and accomplished astronomer Rui Tripa, wrote this internal review for the newly available QSI 760:

“From what I’ve been seeing so far, this camera is significantly better than the others I’ve used in the past. I’m using the same exposures as I did on the QSI 683 and Atik One 6.0 (300s for broadband and 900s for narrowband) so the comparison is fair. The data is forgiving, allowing both sharpening and noise reduction without much issue. This specific image has relatively short exposure data, with luminance of 1,6h and RGB of 2,3h (acquisition duration was significantly longer though).

The camera itself has worked flawlessly, with the only issue being the large image size eating up the drive space on the observatory PC. Cooler works very well, and -20C is achieved easily with the current temperatures (~60% pelt power), and I foresee that only on the extreme nights with temperatures above 25C will be issues achieving that.

OAG has done its job without issue, and it easily takes the larger ICX825 sensor size on the Infinity guide camera without any relevant vignetting, and this extra size has helped finding suitable guide stars with the 2000mm focal length that I’m using with just 2s exposures.

Overall, I am very pleased with the camera, and while I haven’t compared with the competition offerings, the robustness of the QSI 760 is something worth bragging about and the team should be proud of. Good job all! ”

Taken using the new QSI 760 Series cameras, Rui Tripa expertly captures the NGC6946 fireworks galaxy along with NGC6939, an open cluster on the bottom right.

Some details of this image are:

  • Telescope: 10” f/8 RC
  • Camera: QSI 760 W5 OAG prototype, bin 1×1, Sensor temp -20C, low gain
  • Filters:  Atik LRGB, Ha
  • Captured with SGP and processed in Pixinsight

QSI 700 Series Cameras are now available for purchase.