First Light Image from QSI 760

We’re so excited here at QSI for our QSI 700 Series first light image taken by Vince Bygrave, our in-house Astrophotography expert. Taken using the QSI760wg-7, details of this NGC7000, North American Nebula, are:

  • QSI 760, 7 position Filter Wheel, and Off Axis Guider with an Atik GP guide camera, 2” filters and mounted on a Takahashi 106 FSQ f/5 telescope.
  • 2 hours of data taken in 300-second subs using a 7nm Hydrogen Alpha filter and the camera on the medium gain and offset setting.
  • Taken from a suburban back garden in the UK with a half-size waxing moon.We are expecting colour data soon, once it stops raining…



    The North American Nebula is a large emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus and is famous for its shape, resembling that of the North American continent.

Follow the link below to the QSI 700 Series product page for more information and specifications: 

700 Series – Quantum Scientific Imaging (