QSI 700 Series – Available to buy!

QSI 700 Series are now available to buy!

After much enthusiasm over our first light images, our in-house astrophotography team has now successfully completed final testing of the QSI700 Series. You can now find these innovative, user friendly cameras available at your QSI dealer!

Benefits of being a QSI user: 
  1. Superior build quality
  2. Low power consumption dual stage peltier cooling
  3. Designed and built in-house in Europe
  4. Built in filter wheel with short back focus
  5. Secure 12 volt in and out connections
  6. Supplied with demo software and ASCOM / Alpaca support
  7. Manufactured complying with the latest ISO9001 and ISO 14001 environmental standards
  8. Fully supported by our team of experienced astro images!
  9. Eco-friendly production and packaging
QSI 700 Series 
For more information on the QSI 700 Series, please follow this link for camera details, specifications and more: